Short Getaway // Two

Check out part one, day one of this short getaway if you have not read :-).

Woke up at the midnight, a struggle timing, 4:30 a.m. but I manage to get awake before the alarm does. Removing my blanket as the wind conquer my feet, first thought of the day, freezing. Getting ready while calling my girls to wake up.

They said, you can't start the day without breakfast, had my typical Chinese noodle breakfast, cheap and it taste good, especially the tofu, yum! .

Our day finally start after a delightful meal. Travelled by jeep-liked vehicle up a random hill and we walked for awhile and reached within 20 minutes. I'm grateful that I shot a few lovely photos right on spot which I really fell in love with.

Run love, run.

This guy can't get enough of his portrait, *wipessweat*

Behind the scenes, hahhaha xD

A photo with Alex

#POTD, spot the loveliest among all ;-).


Met a group of lovely ladies which are jolly and fun throughout the journey, Singing songs on the previous days and greeting strangers along the journey randomly which makes our trip spice up a little. How I love their attitude. The physical looks may age, but the heart is still as young as ever. One of them said:"If there's a chance, I would like to go through this all over again." This saying moved me.

Never miss a group photo, aye? ;-)

One of the ladies requested:"How about we stop aside and take a photo?"
So we stopped on the side of the road just to snap a photo, a cute memory indeed. And an abnormal request too hahaha :-P.



Next stop: Rainbow Waterfall.

Rainbow Waterfall is one of the tourist spot in Sungai Lembing, its a must-go location. Filled with the sound and sight of nature. I can say it is quite hard while hiking, and you might face the risk of falling, especially after rain, but what I can conclude is, the view is totally worth it! Its a go for beginners who wanted to hike but scare to do so.

My totally-worth-the-hike facial expression! :B

Its different when you look at the photos and when you're in "live" haha. Just like the difference between concerts on live and replays on tvs. Different place, various feelings. You'll never get to see these babies in the city, never.

To me rainbow and butterflies symbolise luckiness, well, lucky me, I saw both within a day *^__^*. This theory is just a little part of my book of theories, so don't worry if you don't see neither of them.

A group photo is essential.

The hike is hard, but we manage to cross over the boundaries and arrive the place we wanted to be. To watch the spectacular waterfall and the beautiful rainbow. As we put our hands together, touching the invisible light, the light remain untouched, however, the will inside us gain its power, determination gets stronger as we shouted:"We will get a degree!" And I believe this wish will come true .


It was a sleep-wake kinda noon rest, the weather wasn't that nice, from heavy rain to drizzle. Sitting on the elegant bench placed outside the room, beside the balcony, watching the rain drizzle, chilly wind makes me curled up like a ball and realised how stupid am I, forgot to take my cardigan with me. I don't want to wake up the soundly slept beauties, I might as well face the cold my own. Drizzle rain, a view which I desire to watch, but on the contrary do wish the rain stops so we can move on to our next activity.

6 p.m., still raining, yet drizzling. We hesitated at some point if we wanted to cycle in the rain. When a saying popped out:"We come here for this too!". 5 girls set off the lobby to get the bikes ready while Alex and Pui Kee remain in their dreamland. It started off drizzling, until the rain starts to get heavier. Luckily, we got ourselves stopped by on a souvenir shop to shelter ourselves from rain.

It was amazing that we ease ourselves so quickly at such random place. The people there were totally honest and friendly, where these traits can't be exchanged with money nor gold. We ate a lot of tester, embarrassing :b.

A new friend made along the journey.

Unfortunately, the rain gets heavier and the sky gets darker, we have no choice but to cycle to town to search for food. The journey with these 4 adventurous ladies was exotic and ... words couldn't explain how our journey goes. One phone torch light, five girls some with thin layered raincoats, some with umbrellas, dark sky, heavy rain, diverse unknown roads, shaky footbridge. Dangerous journey yet so memorable that I wouldn't forget in my life. Watching as they cycle infront of me, feeling relieved and how strong these girls stand, cycling towards our destination. This experience was so different from the others, so beautiful just like the scenes in dramas, I think we can film a movie. If you're curious about the title, hmm, I would call it, once in a life time. Hhahaa, can't believe how crazy that we can go. Drastic journey I can say.

I said:"You only live once, try to make as much memories as you can, look forward the coming soons in life, be adventurous." :-).

In a nutshell, day two was the most memorable day among all, I am blessed to meet such people in my life no matter along the journey or those who are beside me. I can't believe I manage to hopped through both obstacles in one day. HAHAHA, I am proud of myself teehehe :3.

rainbow & butterflies does bring good luck :3 

Till then,


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