Short Getaway // One

Escaped the bustling city, got myself and some buddies engaged with the nature in Sungai Lembing, Kuatan for 3 days and 2 nights (16/5~18/5) . Apart of giving a break for myself, as to charge myself up, I do need to search for inspirational sources to refresh my mind and views and also to gain more as to continue my writing journey. A short period is not really sufficient, but I do enjoy most of the moments during this adventurous trip.

It was a Saturday noon where we were carrying bags, while some are pulling along their luggages, waiting for our transport to bring us to our destination. It was a long, butt-ache journey, but at last we arrived at Kuantan, not knowing which way to go. Nevertheless, we head on the bus anyway.

Spent our first day travelling in unknown buses, watching the rain drizzle and raindrops attached on the window screen while clutching my wrinkled cardigan. Ran under the city tree and got a ride on a some sort of mountain trekking vehicle. Haven't felt that way for a long time, sitting silently or screaming (one or the other, there's no between :p) to express how exciting and relieved I was. I felt free, letting the wind to take me away, anytime.


Arrived at our destination at night. Had a no smartphone dinner. Guess which phone is mine? ;)

Our room- Maffinda, Natalie & Pui Kee.

The other side of the room, war has begun.. Alex with the Hello Kitty blanket haha :p.

I heard that we look alike, are we really twins? :p with this cutie, Jessica.

Truth or dare, crazy and not crazy, it can go with both sides. But we all might as well go with dare hahaha :x.

Lying on my bed at night, thinking about how wild life can be and how things couldn't last long. I might as well enjoy the moments for now. There I went crazy with my thoughts again haha.

Catch out for part two.



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