I got featured!

Hi lovely ones!

I received a good news two days ago which makes me jump and dance around with joy (still doing it at the moment hahahha). And I know I can't keep the joy all by myself. So, I would like to share my joy and happiness to all of you out there! :-D. Let me sprinkle you with my happiness~

YEEEEESSS! As the title stated, I got featured as a Guest Blogger in Luna's blog!

I never thought a plain article of mine could be featured in her blog. Sorry for the grammar mistakes and the error typing ('typo') :(.

It didn't took me long as I drafted this post of mine. It just flows out from my mind, so I am literally taking notes of what I think about this topic. When I received her email, I popped out with joy! weeee. My heart is filled with happiness. A merry day I could say. Thank you Luna for the opportunity :-).


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