Having time with yourself  Lonely. Sometimes you just need self-time to clear out the thoughts or negative energy within you. To be frank, I used to be scared to conduct an activity alone. For example, I'm afraid to eat alone because I'm scared to be stared by people, thinking that why this girl eat alone? Is she weird and other similar thoughts like so. Simply because I have low self esteem and yes, I am insecure. That explains why people these days hardly have eye contact with the other party. Insecurities kill.

However, after the matter which I had to search for my dress in almost every shopping mall in KL (Kuala Lumpur), I manage to do things alone and feel comfortable with it. The key is to feel comfortable while doing things alone, not just doing things alone. Maybe this matter is not as significant to you as to me, but I can say this is one of my minor turning points in life. I'm glad that I've took a chance and go with it. Now, I can do things alone without feeling weird about it.

So, here's a list of activities that one can do alone:

↪ Dine with yourself
Regardless breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, eat with yourself, enjoy the environment, chew, taste and feel the fragrant of your food. Truly enjoy your food, your feast. Believe me, it will make you feel better.

↪ Catch your favourite movie
Purchase that movie ticket, no matter what theme is that movie as long as you wanted to watch, get whatever snacks and drinks you like, walk in that theatre. Enjoy every bits of that movie i.e. if its a drama, laugh till your heart content, if its a sad movie, cry your heart out. Put your true feelings out, you don't need to hide.

↪ Read
Read, a way to build the kingdom of knowledge and to nurture one's mind. Go to a place filled with books, no matter a library, small or big bookstore, start picking a favourable book and start reading. Read, yeshhhh.. haha.

↪ Shop alone
I think this activity is more preferable for girls than dudes hahaa. However, most girls need a friend to shop with. Did you think about shopping alone? Take your time, pick something you like i.e. maybe a dress you like but doesn't fit your style, a dress that you like so much but your girlfriends gave bad opinions about it? Just try it. If you don't like it, put it back. Simple. To shop alone is to choose listen your inner instinct. Hence, you are your fashionista, only you know what you like, isn't it? :-).

↪ Do sports
Do sports that are safe when you're alone, try to avoid risky ones (hiking, yikes!) and those require multiplayers (you can't play badminton with yourself right? lol...). Most preferable: Gym, yoga, running, cardio or aerobics, dancing etc. Pick yours :-).

↪ Listen to an inspiring talk
Surf the web for inspiring talks by successful people or inspirators. People with positive energy + aura + vibes surround them, people who have goals and dreams,  people who are ambitious and people who are wise (not smart, but wise). Join their talk, take notes, listen closely.

↪ Observe people
Choose a spot (spot which doesn't cause danger) i.e. outside the café, start observing people and take notes. As Confucius had mentioned that everyone has beauty, even in the slightest spot. Start by looking it in strangers. This point is different from stalking, don't misunderstand it as stalking.

↪ Drive alone
One of my favourite things to do. *Ladies, avoid driving at night nor midnight. Find new locations in your town by driving. While driving, listen to that music (if you're a newbie, you better not :X), dance to it. Check your car before you do it hahaha. Most of all, be cautious, be aware and drive safe (Y).

↪ Travel
I wanted to do this! :3. Pick a location on the map and form a plan to travel there! If you're bold enough, travel to the country you wanted, and if you're not that brave, like me, start small (start to travel around the places in your town or maybe travel around the states of your country then to your dream land). Before you do that, you better start by planning your schedule, saving up money and... most importantly, do research!!!

There are similarities among these 9 points which I have listed above and that is... being alone can expand your inner-self. It gives you the opportunity to be yourself more, to spend time with yourself more, and to get to know yourself more.


We spend time trying to discover others, then... how about yourself? Sometimes you don't know how you feel its because you don't really know yourself. We wasted time to love others, but to neglect the amount of love given to ourselves. How irony life is and how irony we are, to ourselves, even me.

Spend time to know and love yourself, inject yourself with your love instead of keep giving people who doesn't give a single damn on you. I am still trying too! :-).

Love yourself more.

Till then,
Victoriayuen heartstoyou 


小倩☆彡 said…
<333 nice post. I agree with the eating thing, Im worried people will judge if I eat alone! But in general, I actually prefer being alone and having my own space for the majority of the time ~ haha, I'm not very sociable! ~
Partho Sen said…

Thanks for such a nice and lovely post.

Victoria Yuen said…
小倩: Thank you :-D. Hahaha, I've been there before! And yes, private space is also important too! Good for you ^.^

Partho: Welcome and thank you for your support :-).
Joseph Gill said…
Its really such a great article .GOd bless you and keep in touch
Victoria Yuen said…
Joseph: Thank you for such compliment :D.
This is one great post I have read in a while.. seriously I never eat or shop alone because I am worried what people will think but now I think I should do it as its important to have some alone time for myself.. :)
Victoria Yuen said…
Shahneela Shamim: Its fine when you do things alone. Sometimes its not about the activity you do, its about the eyesight that people give you. It takes time to ease yourself :D. No worries, I believe you can handle this, take your time. Thanks for jumping by and your lovely comment :).

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