Short hair can be the new sexy too!

Hi. I was inspired by Daphne's post of her thoughts of her new hairstyle and I wanted to share my story as well, so, why not?

Hair is an important part of a woman's body, very important to make us feel confident and well, beautiful. Hence, nice hair = confidence + beauty. We have these stereotypes regarding to hairstyles. Long, thick with sexy curls on the end are the best types of hair they said, more preferable by men. Well, I wanted to give a shout out to the ladies with short hair, you're beautiful as well ;-).

This is my second time to cut my hair, but this time, I do it to change myself. We can't stay in the same style forever right? Changing styles = changing attitude towards life. I didn't think much when I chopped off my hair because I wanted to do so before I graduated from high school. The first time was to delete some memories in my life and give myself a new start. Now, I do it for the latter, never the former anymore. As described by Daphne, a restart button, to give things afresh.

Regrets? Naaaaah... Never. In fact, I'm glad that I've done something that a regular girl wouldn't do. Mostly, girls who have long hairstyles remain the same length or maybe chop off a little. Therefore, I'm proud to do so!  Even my friends were shocked on the second day:"WHERE YOUR HAIR GONE TO???" I laughed.


I love how Lily Collins can pull off any hairstyles, she's lily-perfectttt! .

I took off with a concave cut, which is my favourite kind of short hairstyle, I am not a layered person nor a straight hair person hahah. However, the hairstylist gave me a semi-concave + straight hair cut. I was speechless when he asked if its favourable .___. lawl...

The thing is.. there are benefits for short hairstyles. Sometimes long hair can be cumbersome as I am a lazy person, maybe not for you though, for me, yessshhh. You needa spend time to take care of your hair, if you handle it right, you'll have good quality hair, if not the opposite. I've spent time taking care of my hair, so I know hahaha. Hot weather? fear not! You don't need to tie up your hair and feel windy at the same time (Y). Much much more benefits to be discovered! :3.

To the ladies who have the intention to change hairstyle, but are afraid that what others might think. Ditch that thought, and take this thought: You only have one life, change any style you want or like or desire to no matter if you pull it off or not. Don't care what others think, if you feel beautiful, go ahead. If you wanted a bob, go for a bob, if you wanted curly hair, I say why not? If you wanted to dye pink, just do it, no worries how others feel or think as long as you feel confident and beautiful. Back to the starting point, your hair is yours, change it dye it trim it your way! ;-).

Short hair can be the new sexy too :3.

Stay beautiful and stay gorgeous you!

Till then,
Victoriayuen  ☮


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Sakshi Raina said…
You look absolutely adorable with the new hairstyle. You go girl! :)
Luna Darcy said…
You look gorg, Victoria!
小倩☆彡 said…
Cute! I recently cut my hair super short too! <3
Victoria Yuen said…
Rimanere nella memoria: Thank youuu! :). I love your outfits girl!
Sakshi Raina: Ngaw... Thank you so much ^.^
Luna: Thank you Luna, you look gorg as always ;D.
小倩: Thank you girl! :-) Appreciate your lovely comment!

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