A walk to remember.

© Pui Kee: Taken in Sungai Lembing, Kuantan.

I was walking to places yesterday. I passed by many places and also.. vehicles and I realized how people are reluctant to walk these days instead they choose to ride in convenient vehicles. I'm not judging people who sit in vehicles, I, myself drive too. Just that, its so sad to see that the view slide swiftly beyond our sight within a small piece of screen, yes, I am talking about the car windows. We have so little time to truly see the details of the view. I.e. the structure of a certain building, the face of a certain somebody.

Irony. Even with myself. Its very irony that I only realized there are certain things and places that I didn't notice before. I can't deny that I love to have a karaoke session in my car, with myself and... some songs from the radio (omg.. such a loner! ._.) or sit at the backseat of the car, watching the window, seeing stuffs, searching for something (I don't really know what I am searching, inspirations maybe? :B). Nevertheless, take a moment for yourself and your vehicle of course. Try to walk once, regardless where you want to go. Not asking you to walk 76157615 km away from your house, thats insanely... COOL lolol, nah just kidding, please don't do that :/. Or just 10 cm from your house, thats... I'm speechless. Walk to a place which is slightly far away from your house and safe, prioritize safety people! :-).

Walking is tiring and exhausting. I know that. I have been through a lot during my Sungai Lembing trip that my legs are not even mine anymore. Despite of the tiredness that you'll be facing, you'll see more. Slow down your pace, and watch as you walk. Walk, not run. Slowest form of traveling, wider view to see.

2907- A walk to remember. (I know you're thinking about the movie, I am too. Might watch that one day haha.)

Till then,
Victoriayuen ⌲


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