Friends + Food = ♥


It was an unexpected gathering by me in an unexpected day, but they came out to gather with me anyways. Its lovely that our friendship is simple as that, simple lunch + lots of chit-chatting with those guys. *wipesweats* I should be the main character for the day okay? Lolol.

We talked a lot of things, a bunch of topics shifted hahaha. Thanks to these manly dudes eat ice-cream with this little girl with dessert dreams. *squeezesfats* *cries* :'(. My desires of the day has been fulfilled.

Its so funny how some friends may say BFFL (Best Friend For Life), but never comes out for gathering after their education ended at that institute. Such irony I can say. I'm glad that I have friends who loves me for me hehe and... talk talk talk with this noisy girl :-).

I shall "summon" the other three for gathering next time, I miss them so much! Our #U72Gang ;-D.

Till then,


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