Its another July story.

I'm not sure what to give as a title, apologies. Its weird how I'm so attached with my blog that I started to miss it and of course, you lovely readers out there :-). Its not the end of July, but I would like to write this early, sounds weird does it? I think this is my July in total.

July, has been a hard month for me. Despite the hardship, I managed to overcome certain things which was out of my expectations. I thought I couldn't do things, I will freak out or shit bricks (basically in every situation in relation with speaking HAHAHAH, yes. For realz). However, I'm happy that I have running things like this close to perfect... Almost :P.

06// JULY.

From the left: Chetan, me, Maffinda & Shenna.

I am very thankful to have a awesome partner and opponents. Especially my partner for teaching me a lot of things, for understanding my flaws. I was scared to talk to him and to lower down his marks. But we did manage to cover a lot of things. Just wanna say thank you Chetan!!! *cries* You're such a good good good partner! T.T

13// JULY.

Me, Lehuey, Norman and Jessica.

First time wearing a lawyer robe and a bib. I look cool *wears shades* lol. Most nervous assessment I can say hahaha. I felt professional (good feeling) :-). A busy week for us, from preparing the bundle of authorities and skeletal submission to presenting to the judge, a nervous moment. I hardly sleep that week. Still, I think all of us did a pretty good job, well, at least. hahaha. We did what we can though. No regrets!

*Photo source: Maffinda (Photo 1) & Lehuey (Photo 2).

A lot of things happen in this month (I think I said it every month hahaha XD). Nevertheless, I won't give up what I got even sometimes it may be out of reach. Life is about the journey, and my journey starts since I am in university which I am living a good life now. I became more and more mature in some extent and I am more independent in a way, upgrading, leveling up yo! :B.

Like I said, I am a month person, each month is special to me as each month gives you something. Something which helps you to grow. Try to search for it, its there.

What's yours? Tell me :-D.

Still going on, still staying strong.

Till then,


Dika said…
nice lawyer costum...sist..
Victoria Yuen said…
Thank you Dika for your compliment :-).

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