Sitting at the backseat is a great feeling for someone like me, who has been a front seat driver for times. Its good to lean on cushions of the backseat, peeping the window, counting street lights and fall asleep unknowingly. 

I was sitting one of my friend's car, with another friend on the front seat. It was almost 7, the sun was setting as I watch outside the window, streetlights lit up, cars filling the road, traffic getting busy, my thoughts are running wild... again. I was like a child, peeping outside the window, using my cardigan as a blanket because i'm not an air conditional person. I wish there's food... hahaha.

Its a long journey home, 'cause of the jam. I became silent after demanding my friend to change music childishly haha. I was quiet most of the time that he thought I was dead behind there. I was thinking things, processing thoughts, on the memory lane again, looking up the dark sky, watching the tall buildings sharing the same background.

Just a few hours passed, I had already feel eased and comfortable at the backseat, conquering the left side space, calling it mine. How I missed sitting at this spot, even I am not a car person. However, I feel satisfied, even for a few hours... It was a long day for us, we have been out there 13 hours. What's the best part? I fell asleep unknowingly :-). 

The best feelings are the ones that are hard to describe, the ones which you feel with your heart and the ones that keep you thinking every time one little thing that is part of it triggers you. Place to put your "best feelings"? Your heart. Make sure you keep the best ones, pour out the unpleasant ones.

07.08.15 Backseat Journey.

My eyes were sore.  

Till then,


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