Bandits Coffee Bar @ Bukit Damansara, KL

Thanks to the review written in Malaysian Flavours, my bestie and I were able to land in such wonderful cafe. It took us time to search for a free parking space, unfortunately, the area was full of vehicles and we ended up parking in a parking lot :'(. However, good thing we did not give up on this cafe, and it ended up being my current favourite cafe.

It is located next to Rish Maniam & Co, as you can see the sign on the photo. According to Malaysian Flavours, there was no shop sign at that time 'cause it is freshly open. But now, you can simply spot the banner attached on the shop outside. This neon sign will lead you to to their cafe too!

It is a small area where you can glance everything at one sight. Comfortable enough for you and your friends to have tea time together. The chairs are comfy, and music is a bonus. Even it is called 'bandits', they play soft music :P. It is cold inside, even if my bestie and I sat at the corner, air condition game strong. LOL.

It has variety of pastries- cakes, pies, tarts and brownies, heaven is here!  I really wanted to try the S'mores brownies, too bad they are not available that day. I came for that! *cries*.

These are our orders, food of the day!

Lamb Sandwich a.k.a Silence of the Lambs: RM21

Crispy bun with large amount of lettuce and tomatoes, fresh onion rings and smashed garlic that add on the scent and taste of the lamb. Lamb is well cooked, juicy but not enough for me haha. Not to forget, the sour cream/mayo for the touch up.

Bestie commented: Damn nice! *thumbsup*

5oz Coffee: RM 9

Creamy, dense, too bitter for normal person. Need to add brown sugar to enhance its taste. It is better after adding brown sugar. First time drinking a coffee art. It gives you a mini heartache after you stir it off with a spoon.

Bestie commented: eee, too bitter! :(

Chicken Mushroom Pasta a.k.a MotherClucker: RM 20 + side dish sausages: RM 4
Iced Chocolate: RM 11
*cheese shreds not provided, ask staff if require*

Chewy pasta mixed with rich mushroom sauce. Sauce is thick and creamy, worth the try! While the iced chocolate is sweet enough but watery as the besti had described.

Cococran Yo: RM 11
*Price not available on menu, inquire staff for services.*

I can describe this brownie as... A brownie with ingredients I don't like besides the chocolate. It is a combination of raisins within the square-shaped dessert with coconut shreds on top. It has rich chocolaty taste, not too sweet suitable for those who love raisins and coconut taste. This is your plate of love. Unfortunately, not for me hahha.

These are the menus of the cafe. *Menus available for download*

It took me some courage to start snapping photos around the cafe after asking the owners of the cafe. But I do it for the food review!! *strongarmemoji* :3

The decorations around the cafe was simple yet unique. They placed their uniqueness in small places which enhance the whole atmosphere.

The vintage light bulbs & diamond-shaped celling.

The light bulbs are the first thing that attracted me after stepping into their cafe and the next thing is the celling. Young boys sure how to juggle with vintage decorations smartly. Still in love with these decorations .

Cute little stickers waiting to be discovered.

They placed cute stickers on corners of table like so, where people could not see them if they didn't pay any attention which is special as most of us will stick them at places which are noticeable.

Wall deco related to space.

If its name is Bandits, there ought to be decorations regarding with guns, fancy suits, but here I am, spotting a spaceman poster on the wall. However, the owner is smart enough to combine both themes together.

And the toilet signs which I am inconvenient to snap a photo of it are pretty badass. I guess you should check that out yourselves :).

Not to forget, a bestie collage as always.

Cheers for life.

16, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Food: 4.8/5 (Portion is fine, abit pricy)
Services: 5/5
Surroundings: 5/5
Hygiene: 5/5

*This review is...
- Not sponsored, all payment made by us.
- Based on the taste of us.
- Ratings are by yours truly.

Till then,


Ela BellaWorld said…
These photos made me hungry! Everything looks so delicious. Great review
Victoria Yuen said…
Thank you for your compliment Ela :-).
Hey Kasumi said…
wow great pictures and delicious food =)
Victoria Yuen said…
Hi Katsumi, thank you again :-). Feel free to try this cafe if you're in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur~

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