Smart phones aren't so smart at all.

After watching this video, I felt upset that how the existence of smartphones had changed our generation throughout these years. As one of the youngsters out there, I feel the urge to voice out my own opinion related to this topic, smartphone.

It is undeniable that smartphones are very convenient for most users as it provides efficient applications and much more benefits to be stated. However, it draws a line between people, planting distance between people. Well, I am not opposing against smartphone users, I am one myself as well. Just that I don't use it that way.

Most people, especially youngsters nowadays, are swiping their phones everywhere, anywhere they go. I was so disappointed of people back then aim to achieve goals but people in this century can't live without Wi-Fi. Even in restaurants, Wi-Fi password is more important than the meals. I mean come on people.... Are we suppose to gather together and have a meal or sitting there, swiping phones with each other's presence. If that is the case you can swipe it at home.

I dislike how people play their phones when I am dining with them. Not just missing the time for talking/gathering, but also, plainly rude. Very rude. I really can't stand people playing their phones when I am talking to them, I think you should dine with your phone then. The other thing is, do what you are suppose to do at that moment, you can play with your phone later when no one is there or you are in a situation where you are waiting for somebody. That's okay. Enjoy your time with your friends and your family, they mean the most in this world, your phone can wait, that game won't die if you save it, Facebook status can wait. Never lost your time gathering with your beloveds while playing your phone.

And also, I forget to mention is that parents with children that are young age. Let them play outside, enjoy the nature, not staying at home, swiping their phones or ipads and acting like a boss. Children at young age should be discovering, venturing, playing in the nature, not swiping phones/ipads, playing meaningless games. Its so disappointed to see children lost their innocence and naiveness that they should have, but contrary, acting like their adults, demanding their parents or the elderly to give what they want.

Technology advances, generation changes.

I know that I have no rights by saying this, but as one of the people of this generation, I would like to state my own opinion.

I love how this video has stated all the problems with people in this generation. Thank you, Prince Ea.

Till then,


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