You deserve a day.

Most of us feel tired while we work, attend to classes, or even doing nothing. Repeating the same action everyday makes us tired, it’s like a never ending cycle. Best thing to describe us, hamsters running on the wheel inside a cage. The hamster is you, while the wheel is the task you do daily and the cage is life. This is life.

At times, you are too busy for the little things, especially city people, humans in the city are busy earning income to sustain expenditure on all sectors, from properties to family members. Life’s hard, but that does not mean that you must keep working from day till night, you are not a robot. We are humans, and it’s normal for us to feel tired sometimes.

I know some of us, especially students while doing revision. They (I mean ‘we’ haha, I’m still a student) usually study for approximately 30 minutes, then we lose our attention and drift to our phones for hours. That is actually a wrong method of resting. Yeah… I am part of the category mate hahahah.

You gotta learn to release yourself from work occasionally. Not excessively but moderately. Some people might say: “I have soooooo much work to do! I don’t even have the time to breathe!” hmm… this sounds like me hahaha. Although there are tons of work waiting to be done, try relaxing yourself, even just for 5 minutes. What I meant by relaxing is not setting your work aside and fly off for vacation, only if you have a long holiday. There are many ways to relax yourself, even for short period. 1 minute for deep breathing; 5 minutes for stretching hands and limbs and drinking water/tea (try to avoid caffeine beverages and soft drinks); 10~20 minutes for healthy snacks, checking your social media and listening to the music you love; 25~30 minutes for exercising (preferable: long walk, running and yoga) and reading one or two chapters of your favourite book.

Even if you got busy with your new or current job, you deserve a full day for yourself. Give yourself a day, weekends are preferable. No matter what you do, make sure that you truly relax yourself in this day and recharge yourself for tomorrow’s challenge. Other than partying like there’s no tomorrow, you can try to switch to other forms of activities to help you ease yourself:

(1) Get a spa/massage treatment.
(2) Fine dine or simply pamper yourself/beloveds with good food.
(3) When stress overloads, cut down with Karaoke. Shout your lungs out!
(4) For the ladies, SHOPPPING! (if you like shopping)
(5) When in doubt, watch movies or drama series, regardless numbers of episodes.
(6) For the gents, video games all the way!!!
(7) Some people just like to get some sweat game on- GYM.
(8) Plan a one day trip for yourself and your beloveds.

Besides these activities listed, there are more activities that you can do to relax yourself. There's no rules how to relax, do what you feel to do so. No matter reading your favourite book or playing the sports you love. Most importantly, the activity you chose helps you to truly release yourself from the burden and makes you happy. Happiness is essential. If you are an organized person. I would suggest you to form a plan the day before "your day".

Remember this, you deserve a day for yourself. A day to lower down your stress level, to balance your life; a day which you can pamper yourself with the things you have no chance to do; a day to free yourself from the onerous job; and a day for you to boost up your energy. Give yourself a day, ‘cause you totally deserve it.

Till then,


Kazon Robinson said…
I really needed this blog post. It helped remind me that we all need some time to rest and relax. It is something we all need to take into consideration due to us obviously not being robots.
Victoria Yuen said…
Kazon Robinson: Glad you enjoy reading this post :-). Sometimes, we do really need to take a break from life.

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