Zion T.

Its hard for me to become a fan, but he made it hahaha. I am not Korea pop song fan girl, but I have the urge to share about this Korean artist that I really really really like, 'cause he's too amazing! He is currently my favourite person to listen to and I just love him inside out. In the eyes of the general, he's just a normal Korean artist but to me, he doesn't show much of his emotions externally, however he puts his emotions in his music which I admire about him. He has that kind of sentimental feeling which I love yet I can't explain. He's not "handsome" comparing to other Korean pop stars, he doesn't need to be, he's just gorgeous to me *squeals* hahaa.

What I admire about him, is his personality. I watched him in the episodes of Infinite Challenge. As you know, its less likely for me to watch any variety shows, but I did, cause I wanna see him hahaha. I just think he's the jewel among artists nowadays. He writes, composes, and sings his own songs which I like, cause... I like originals far more than other-made, if you know what I mean. He's not famous around the globe, but he is in Korea if I'm not mistaken. I love how he sounds and does, ahh.. I just love him a lot *^.^* ✿✿.

I present...

| ZION.T |

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He's always in shades, but I believe that he is a gentle person behind those shades :-).

These four are my all time favourite, they have become my daily basis hahahha.

He will be one of the artists my concert-to-go list, I've never been to concert before, but I hope I can attend to his first concert in Malaysia. Big Bang's are too hard, their fans are too hardcore hahaha.

Just wanna say, I love you Zion T! I hope you'll keep that sense of style and personality of yours *support* :3.

Till then,


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