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Complete ❤

Its been a long time, things happen, but life goes on. I am writing this post as a Year 2 law student *firework effects* I'm very thankful that I am able to get through that frustrating Year 1. Believe me.. Its not easy. Now I am one step towards my goal and... yeah.. Many more challenges await :-).

And... these people are the best gifts I have received. Thank you ♥.

I am the spotlight, duhhh :P.

I am weak at putting feelings in verbal, so I might as well attempt to put it as readable words.
I didn't realize this until my friend told me this: We are like a family, did you realize that? Therefore, I shall conclude this as: We are not friends, not even best friends but a family cause we come as a whole. The thing is... We don't sugarcoat words, but say it out loud, sarcastically. We bully each other with sharp hurtful words. At the end of the day, we know that none of us mean it.

Every moment, special moments, we keep it to heart. We cherish each other, we learn from each ot…

It takes courage to walk away.

I have learned this. Not everyone that exist in your life is positively right. You will notice that some are trying to take advantage of you, some are taking your kindness for granted, some that are besties in front, backstabber at back, and some may distrust you when you needed their beliefs.

There are many kinds of people in the world that is hard to sort out what their true faces are. One thing you can do is... Walk away from these people. Walking away, leaving, detaching these people takes courage, not just any level of courage. The fear of leaving their group, walking away from a team of people you used to know, love, appreciate, had memories with, render yourself outside the comfort zone you used to have, or should I say, used to own them.

You might wonder or regret after you pick your option. You will wonder... How are them without me, what are they planning to do now, would they miss me? You might think of different types of questions which are related them, at the end of the …