It takes courage to walk away.

I have learned this. Not everyone that exist in your life is positively right. You will notice that some are trying to take advantage of you, some are taking your kindness for granted, some that are besties in front, backstabber at back, and some may distrust you when you needed their beliefs.

There are many kinds of people in the world that is hard to sort out what their true faces are. One thing you can do is... Walk away from these people. Walking away, leaving, detaching these people takes courage, not just any level of courage. The fear of leaving their group, walking away from a team of people you used to know, love, appreciate, had memories with, render yourself outside the comfort zone you used to have, or should I say, used to own them.

You might wonder or regret after you pick your option. You will wonder... How are them without me, what are they planning to do now, would they miss me? You might think of different types of questions which are related them, at the end of the day, you will get yourself wrap up with regrets and pain if you see photos of them having tons of fun without you on social media, laughing while having lunch at that cafeteria you guys used to go or even plan a trip without you anymore.

I once left someone, without giving notice, I just walk away for the sake of myself, without giving the reason. People blamed me, people asking why(s), people come out with their own thoughts, people approach me with questions, but still I remain silent and still. I let time to prove if he's worth it. I have my thoughts. You could say that I am a selfish person, a heartless lady. What I can say was... I do what's best for me.

Nevertheless, these people help us grow, mentally. They teach us to love, to appreciate the people who truly care and love us. There will be these people will step into your life, regardless number, will be teaching you lessons.

It takes courage to simply just walk away from these people. There will be two circumstances: Facing the feeling of loneliness + their memories linger in your mind. However, do it for the sake of yourself, do what's best for you, set yourself free from the people who don't deserve a single bit of you. I am sure there's more people like you around this huge globe. Be with the ones who you feel belong with, ditch the ones who does not appreciate you as you appreciate them, the way to happiness.

Find your true happiness.

Till then,


Renard Moreau said…
[ Smiles ] Yes, walking away from negative people on the whole is always a good idea!
Victoria Yuen said…
Renard: Do what's best for yourself, negative people will affect your life, putting negative energy in it :).

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