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Monthly Diary | October 2015.

Its almost the end of October and... I have the nostalgic feeling again as in May, but... more. Therefore, I shall write a monthly diary about it :-). This October, unlike the other, I have learned so so so much about people and from human beings that are inspiring. I feel happy cause I get to be inspired in this month with my favourite season. Little things make me happy ;-).

I get to meet a lot of amazing new people, participate events that I never have before, run activities as a part of the coordinator, get out of my comfort zone and do something I am afraid of and get to collaborate with new people in the coming events. I lost people that I appreciated, but what I gain is much more than that. Sometimes you have to let go the old, and let the new come in. It takes courage to let the new stuff come in. Mixed feelings, but mostly they are happy. Not the best month, but I can put it in the list of favourites.

Its hard to describe what I am going through by now. I haven't been upd…


At some point of your life, you started to sort out the concept of life, even it is still ambiguous to you. It’s like a puzzle where you have to put piece by piece to see if it forms a picture. And knowing that some pieces don’t fit together is realization.

In life, we need to realize in order to get a clear picture or make a big step forward. You might realize the importance of all elements in your life (relationships, work, health…), the worthiness of people and things, the choices you made, the things that you are truly passionate about etc.

people come and go, only the true ones will stay; people change, shit happens; some relationships don’t work out, all you have to do is let go; some little choices you make will change your entire life; you have disallow life stands in your way in order to succeed etc. At the end of the day, you need to realize that, nobody will make you happy, only you can make yourself happy.

Everyone grows up, but not everyone will realize things. Some are …

Best trait of mine.

I remember there was one time my psychology teacher in high school asked the whole class to fill in their merits and faults of themselves. The general answers were kind, friendly, smart and the whole list goes on. But what I do was, I left a blank space on the merit box and the list of faults were long. Cause I can't think of one merit, but only faults. After I got back my paper, my teacher put her words, red: everyone has merits, I'm sure you'll find yours.

Everyone has merits, its natural to say this. Some are intelligent, some are pretty, and some are talent, well, the generals. I am always the average kid which you can grab hand full of them. I am never the outstanding ones and I always wonder what's the good in me? Until today, I have figured it out after all these years and I was proud of its uniqueness and its conceal ability (or just me plain stupid? ahaha).

The willingness to stand out and work things out. It may seem like a normal trait, but it has truly gave …