Monthly Diary | October 2015.

Its almost the end of October and... I have the nostalgic feeling again as in May, but... more. Therefore, I shall write a monthly diary about it :-). This October, unlike the other, I have learned so so so much about people and from human beings that are inspiring. I feel happy cause I get to be inspired in this month with my favourite season. Little things make me happy ;-).

I get to meet a lot of amazing new people, participate events that I never have before, run activities as a part of the coordinator, get out of my comfort zone and do something I am afraid of and get to collaborate with new people in the coming events. I lost people that I appreciated, but what I gain is much more than that. Sometimes you have to let go the old, and let the new come in. It takes courage to let the new stuff come in. Mixed feelings, but mostly they are happy. Not the best month, but I can put it in the list of favourites.

Its hard to describe what I am going through by now. I haven't been updating much about my life, just writing my personal thoughts about things that I had undergone. This month is never easy for me. There are some people I have tried to hold on, sadly, let go of me before I did first. Made me realize no matter how hard you tried, some people just don't work out. So, I let go. Letting go doesn't mean you stop caring, it means you start caring about yourself.

Good thing is... I am keeping myself happy by absorbing the feeling of happiness.  You are the one who keeps yourself happy.

Year 2 Orientation Night 2015 | The Mask.

Tutorial 3 kakis

This sums up my October, how about your October?



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