At some point of your life, you started to sort out the concept of life, even it is still ambiguous to you. It’s like a puzzle where you have to put piece by piece to see if it forms a picture. And knowing that some pieces don’t fit together is realization.

In life, we need to realize in order to get a clear picture or make a big step forward. You might realize the importance of all elements in your life (relationships, work, health…), the worthiness of people and things, the choices you made, the things that you are truly passionate about etc.

people come and go, only the true ones will stay; people change, shit happens; some relationships don’t work out, all you have to do is let go; some little choices you make will change your entire life; you have disallow life stands in your way in order to succeed etc. At the end of the day, you need to realize that, nobody will make you happy, only you can make yourself happy.

Everyone grows up, but not everyone will realize things. Some are trapped in their own thoughts, like a never ending sadness and frustration, depressed every day. I believe that people let go when they finally realize things or some other theories you might say. They will accept the fact and move on if they realize things. For example, you realize he/she is no longer worth your time, love and maybe the feelings you invested into him/her when he/she doesn’t accept your true features or personality. And you moved on. That’s why you are here today, reading this post of mine, taking you a short drive back to your past.

“Everything happens for a reason.” Take note of that. But… It depends how you really think or act it through. Life will cause avalanche when you find your happiness, but don’t give up yet and never you should give up cause I believe everything has its own key or exit if you like. Life gives you a door and then shuts the door, leaving a window to you and see what this person is capable of. So… never give up. It may hurt a lot, you may feel depressed and stressed a lot, and you will take much more time than the others, but believe me… You’ll get through this and slap life on the face saying: I got through this and you never destroy me again!

Last thing you will do is realize, things aren’t as tough as it seems, and people aren’t as worthy as they seem to be. You will find the true theory of life, but first you have to fight through the hardships in life. That’s what the message that Disney or other cartoons are trying to convey to us. So darling, you can let go of the bad ones, but don’t give up finding the good ones.

Realizing something will bring you towards the good side of life, allowing you to set yourself free from the thoughts that are killing you inside every day, that’s what depression feels like. People don’t let go their thoughts in spilt seconds, it takes time to realize and finally to accept it. When you realize one thing, you have already move one step towards success. Therefore, never give up, your happy ending is right ahead of you.

Till then,


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