Stay true, no matter what.

Thoughts running on my mind, regarding with friendships, or relationships you might say. We all lost people. People who we love, care and appreciate to have. We thought that they will stay. I would not want to say forever, but a very long time. Unfortunately, they were gone or walked away, without specific reasons, some may not even leave a word. Its cruel I might say.

This cruelty makes us a different person. It changes us to someone selfish, unwilling to be the one who invest love into someone again, no more putting ourselves out, we thought... or else we will be left hurt and patches of injuries in our hearts. Slowly, we lost our sincerity, the heart that is true.

Nevertheless, this is life. People come and go as I did mention number of time, we knew that. Its just that ones we didn't expect to leave, have left. This happens often. Its these people who builds you up to the person you are today. Those who did not loss anyone through different stages, good for you. But to those who did, well, most of us did, better. Not to be sarcastic, yes, better than those who did not lost anyone. Its those who lost people gain appreciation and to leave space to those who truly matters. No point of having people who is not willing to be with you when you are in your lowest moments.

Despite all the crash and burns happening in your life, especially on relationships, always be true. Don't be scared of investing your love again. In one condition, if those who make you hurt and depress or maybe unhappy, leave them, but never leave your smile to them, bring your true self and happiness with you. I'm sure you can find the people who you belong in this planet. And if you don't, remember, there is always someone who sees something in you. Your integrity, kindness, humour, any good features of yours.

Stay happy and stay true.



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