A postcard from Durham.

A few days ago, I have received a beautiful postcard all the way from Durham. The sense of excitement when holding the card although I am fully aware of the identity of the sender. But still, words can't describe how happy I am when I found it in my mailbox.

I am a person who likes old fashion stuffs such as handwritten letters, 50's style of dating, you know, the simple stuffs. To me, its exquisite and antique, not sure if you feel the same way as me :-).

I was so touched while reading the text behind this little card, it brings joy but at the same time, warmth to my heart.

Just a simple action could bring so so much joy and love to one's world. So...
This is Bill. Bill do things that brings joy and happiness. Bill is kind and caring. Be like Bill. #Billjokes

The Bill jokes are getting high, but still, you get what I mean.

And mostly, thank you for being a great friend, Jia Le. 


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