Another phase in life.

I'm 20 for four days already, didn't have the time to script things up. November and December 2015 were crazily busy months, not fun events but rushing my assignments while "enjoying" fireworks that were far far far away from home. Anyways, Happy 2016 my dear readers! ✿ Another year of writing.

Ended my teenage stage four days ago. They said 19 to 20 is a significant stage, different in a way which how people treat you rather as a young adult than a child, so, basically you have to get your shit together and work things out, even if its unworkable, you gotta do it cause that's your responsibility, your obligation to do so. Hence, bye bye mistake-making life, and hello.. *sighs* serious life.

I rarely have cakes on my birthdays, so if I get the opportunity to have one, I feel bliss and grateful. I put all my unspoken wishes on the fire, and send it away by blowing it. Many thanks to those who plan this celebration for me, and those who had celebrated with me, not to forget those who wish me happy birthday. Deeply appreciate.

I wish for no more but to be genuinely happy, to be more inspired in order to write more and to be grateful to the people, things and matters. As I always say, simplicity is the best policy, it never goes wrong :-).

Don't look back darling, cause great things are ahead, maybe not now, but it does not mean it will not happen.



Belated happy birthday and new year girl...
The cake looks delicious and beautiful:)
Victoria Yuen said…
Thank you so much Shahneela, Happy New Year to you as well :-).
I appreciate it so so much :-D.

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