Stick to the Plan.

Finally, a proper post to kickstart the year! To be frank, I am starting to feel the breeze of 2016 currently, hadn't felt anything at the start of the year. Its like being physically dragged to this year, but mentally I am lingering at the same spot. I am still, standing at the edge of the mountain, a little bit of anxious and unsteady, afraid of falling.

Condition as usual, busier than ever. Hoping to be lively for my 20s. I have been coordinating, having meetings, working with lovely people that I thought I wouldn't meet. The position I wish to be, but at the same time, not to be.

© Jasmine Goh
I love this photo, it shows my concentration and of course my non-so-sexy back *laughs*

One thing I didn't do this year-- writing my resolutions. In the previous years, I would either write my resolutions on paper and paste it somewhere or in my blog. But at the end the year, most of them remain unchecked, haunting you until you create a new list which we obviously repeating the same thing over and over again.

That is why... Voila! I present... my first official planner. I have been doing To-do lists for the past few years and it seem to not work out. Along with the work load and plans, I decided to fit myself in an old fashion style of handwritten planner combining with To-do list in order to get my work done and stick to the plan :-). I can't explain how excited I am when I am writing dates and ... fresh stationery

By this method, things get to be done more efficiently, plans are more likely to work out! *cheers*
Not to forget at the end of the year, you can rewind back to the events you did and feel a moment of proud-ness LOL. Get things on track, and stick to the plan y'all! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. ;-D

I'll see you soon! :-D.



Hey Kasumi said…
nice =)
Victoria Yuen said…
Thank you for the compliment Kasumi :-)

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