Making Decisions- I really don't know how.

Making decisions, its an every day problem for most of us. I remember I did mentioned that I suck at making decisions, from stage by stage. However, occasionally, I was lucky enough to make some bad decisions which it turns out to be good later on. Other bad ones, meh.. I just treat it as a lesson.

Making decisions is the pain on the a**, like really. Most of us are so afraid to make decisions that we decided not to make one. But hey! You already made a decision there, didn't you? As my teacher always say: Not making a decision is a way of making a decision. Sounds so guru-ish right?

I could not give you the best advice on how to make the right decision. What I believe is that you do not make a right decision, but the best decision for yourself. Believing what is best for you makes the whole process to be a lot easier. Sometimes, we are so busy and frustrated on the idea of picking the right option instead of thinking what is best for us.

I can say that when I was a child, I often pick the right things even though I know the other one was best for me. Nevertheless, my decision making skill started to shift day by day towards the style that I wanted it to be even though my decisions are bad. Then again, I will say:" Hey! Making wrong and/or bad decisions is a part of life! Am I right?"

I couldn't deny that I become envious towards the people who seems to ALWAYS make the RIGHT decisions. They are affirm of their calling, processed in their brains different kinds of outcomes and/or circumstances after making that decision could be. They get the outcome they wanted, they achieve every goal by making the right decisions. Isn't that awesome?! I believe so as well.

And... I did struggle at this stage to make a right decision, but ended screwing up as always. In fact, I did screw up when I make decisions that I thought it was best for me. But... I choose what I wanted. I think that is all that matters to me. Well, some of you might think, you didn't get the outcome you wanted, instead you screw up badly, isn't it too stupid for this? Yes, its an absurd road that I am going through, sometimes I even run into avoidable situations telling me that if I have chosen the right path, these events would not happen AT ALL.

At the end of the day, I follow my heart and senses even at the end I did not get the outcome I wanted which constitutes the best for myself. However, never neglect your calling from your brain, let it be a part of your decision making process. Like I used to say: "Follow your heart, but let your brain guide you."



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