Parliament Visit.

Organized by Young Action Group (YAG), we had the privilege to visit the Parliament building *shinyeyes*. I can't believe that I am able to visit such prestigious building, felt lucky that I have signed up for this event 'cause its only limited to 20+ students but ended up opening extra seats as 30+ of us are visiting.

Started off with a talk by YB Ong Kian Meng, Parliament hall visiting, the gallery and the view at the last floor of the Parliament building. Actually both the hall and gallery are equally amazing, I really can't decide. I was amazed by the gallery, saw the Hansard from previous days and the speaker's coat.

Ryan, Angeline, Yee Ling, me and Jie Xin

I did not take any photos from the gallery, touring was enough for me :-).

Went up on the last floor of the building, the view was breathtaking, really nothing special, but it takes my heart away. Raining makes it more attractive. Lights of the vehicles below. And here's our we-fie.

That's a wrap!!
Ended our fun trip here.

Photos © YAG

last thoughts: my feet hurt that day ._.

Till then,


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