Art Exhibition

Kudos to the talented artists in my uni

I'd always wanted to go for an art exhibition and my dream finally came true but that does not mean that it will stop me from hopping to other art exhibitions or galleries 😌. To me, art consists sweats and feelings of the artist. Through art, one is able to express the way he sees the world or the feelings he has that he could not form into words.

I really love the essence in the room even it is just a small exhibition especially the corner with beautiful lights attached to the dashboard. Its a success for them to create an environment not only soothing to one's mind, to relieve stress but also feed one's soul with different aspects and colours that one has observed from the masterpieces. The three artwork that has attracted my eyeballs *lol*, each represents different meaning.

Could not say more, I just love to feed my eyes and soul with beautiful arts 😄. Sincere thanks to the students who set up this warming exhibition 💛.


I get to put my signature on the dashboard, lovely.

Till then,


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