End of March surprise

-- 31st of March --

Group photo © Jasmine Goh

Last week of March, early April was a busy week for me-- Assessments crumbling my time, National Forum on the weekends. However, I was glad I am able to survive the whole week *strongarmemoji*

Manage to went to celebrate Jasmine's 20th birthday held in a cozy apartment. Decorations all set when I walked in, candles just won't ignite, may be they are too anxious as well. I traveled around the small space, looking at familiar faces greeting me.

Skies are getting darker, clocks counting down, birthday girl missing, but good thing everything got on track before she walks in. Confetti ready, everyone at their position, when birthday girl came in, she stood their startled. She kept repeating the same phrase over and over again, the surprise effect remains:"Omg, you guys... Omg..."

I walked towards her, wishing her a happy birthday with an additional hug from the beautiful maiden hahaha.. Sprinkle of confetti on the floor, serious cleaning was needed at that point. A whole feet of sprinkles... Gawd damn.

Escaped the party earlier than I thought.

Lastly, Happy Birthday dear Jasmine, thank you for your kindness to this world .

Photo of the day: Moment of surprise.

Till then,


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