Engine off, thoughts on, peace remain.

-- 31st of March --

I drove home from the party barefooted, leaving my heels at below of the auxiliary seat because it kills me by walking a far distance wearing it. I felt a sense of comfort for my feet. The remaining of the confetti lies under my feet without me knowing it until the next day.

I turned off the engine, leaving the vehicle air-cond and radio on. Locked my car doors, sat on the front seat, listening to the late night radio music, feeling slightly relieved. Not willing to go into my house just yet. I just knew that I need a moment to think, to re-structure my thoughts. I have felt the moment of ease in a quiet surrounding.

There are times when I require a moment of peace for myself, to feed my brain with new thoughts and to re-structure my old ones, to get a calm time and also to simply feel ease. Its a good feeling, especially in the dark night with street lights.

Its important to let yourself to truly reflect on your own feelings, to dive in your thoughts in a peaceful surrounding. At least that's what I thought.

Love you all. Happy April.
Till then,


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