Attached to places.

A wanderlust soul.

I somehow realize one thing about me, that is attaching to one place once I am familiar with the environment and finally feel ease with the people there-- Not sure if its a good thing, blast me with opinions if so :-).

My favourite place around my university-- A normal Subway franchise hehe. Quite a number of events happened there regardless the moments where I am eating my sandwich and sipping a cup of coffee in the early mornings. I feel energized and happy every time I leave. Its like I put my problems there and walk out from it as I walk out the door singing NO by Meghan Trainor to my problems.

I really like how the music there are always the soothing kinds, the person who puts on the music, kudos to you seriously. I can sit there all day long if I could, too bad there's class coming. However, it does not mean that I eat Subway everyday lol. That's cray.

Just wanted to express my inner thankfulness to this franchise that is part of my uni life :-).



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