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We never deal with problems,

We just let it slide.
I still remember the dark days in this year, I never choose to let go, I just choose to let things slide, let it become the way it should be. I believe that "everything will fall into place" theory, but a part of me still felt that there are things remained undone, so I did it. It did not worsen the situation, in fact, what I have done renders myself to realize that everything has fallen into place from the start, the ending is just a scene which is expected.

Things are the way it is. Till now a part of me still denies this concept. I am someone who believes that things can be done in order to change the situation, I never give up this mindset of mine, I still carry it with me even if there are unfortunate situations happen. I always give things or people a last shot or last chance to see that if it works out, if it does not, might as well apply the former theory in. This is how I pinch the balance between these two.

However, not everyone thinks the sam…