The forever type of Goodbye.

There are various types of Goodbyes, the goodbyes that you say but expecting to see them soon, the goodbyes which breaks one’s heart, the silent goodbyes expressed by actions i.e. hugs and the goodbyes that you never say.

I have no intention to start an emotional post, but I was inspired by the people around me. September is a Goodbye month. Your friends flying off, mostly to the UK. You may now know London’s airport name by seeing different people checking in at the same spot.
Goodbye is one of the most painful words to say. It is hard because it not only separates you and your beloveds, but too takes them to an unknown place, leaving behind all the memories and daily habits to you.

Once goodbyes are said, one feels empty (I have personally experience it, this is what I had felt back then). However, what if you never have the chance to say goodbye? You have marked your calendar, knowing when that person is taking off, and counting down days with them, but you have no courage to say it? Knowing that you never see them again for a long period of time, but still you stood there, holding the phone on your hands or silently watching them going off at the airport. That is how I say my goodbyes.

I never send my friends off the airport, I just let them take off, without saying a word. There is a dear friend of mine, she told me she was afraid of losing our friendship or breaking the bond once she is in the other side of the earth. I told her: “Friendship does not break just by distance, I will always be there, if you need me.” She did not say a word. I know her worries remain, till this day she is in the UK. However, I know that is someone to keep. Mark my words.

Whether you choose to say goodbye, or be like me, either way is saying goodbye. Sometimes, it’s not about the goodbyes, it’s about how deep you love that person, and how pain it is to cut him/her off just like that.



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