Once in a while

Be vulnerable, darling.

One thing I notice about people is, we are too strong. Mentally strong. We live in a society where the sense of weakness is disallowed. You have to be strong, you have to move on, you have to overcome things, you have to lift your chin up, you have to stand up after you fall. Quotes conveying messages like so to encourage us to become stronger, standing taller so that we are invincible, undefeatable.

With this idea, we rarely say “I am sorry” or “I love you” because these phrases show the vulnerable side of us. Men are afraid to express their love, because that is not masculine enough whilst women chose to hide emotions within themselves because giving signs are better than expressing my inner self to my partner. Which also lead to most people these days who do not admit their wrong even though the evidence are placed right before their eyes and people who pointed out other’s wrongs because it shows dominance.

Not that I am against this idea. However, take a step back and think about this, while you are being strong, you not only suffer, but also hurt the people around you. So, it is okay to become vulnerable sometimes, to those who love you. Tell them what lies within your heart. You do not need to play games. Let them discover the other you, inside. If they truly accepted you, means they in fact, do appreciate you.

I know this sounds crazy, some of you might even have the thought of - being vulnerable is like giving an opportunity for people to hurt you more, as if my life is not broken enough? Yes. I admit this is a stupid theory. However, just wanted to throw a question out there: People will hurt you, even if you are strong, so why not try to be vulnerable once for a while? This is a circle of life, you always got yins and yangs. There is impossible to have rainbows all over the place without a little rain.

Hence, once in a while, be vulnerable darling.

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