Working life.

It's been a month more since I have started my working life. Offices are not as what I have imagined. Cubicles and evil bosses. The lucky thing is... I am working in a friendly environment. People are nice.

Panorama view of my office

Just so if you wonder there are balloons, its the 9th anniversary. Best thing about anniversaries? Surprises... and well, food obviously. I can not contain my happiness to myself, so I took snapchats to share to the people I love. Spot the laptop, that is my spot.

Happy 9thsary

The cupcakes are really good... without the cream. I even stole my colleagues' cupcakes with them knowing hahhaa.

There are free ice cream. Not the best ice cream, but its able to make me smile like a child. Even I don't seem like it on the photo. Ps: I look pale and tired. The pale part is not real, but the tired part is true. LOL.



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