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2016 has been a learning year for me. In fact, every year is a learning year. Every year teaches you something different or even the same things in an advance level. I do indeed should be grateful and I am still learning.

Firstly, thank you to my surporters, regardless how recent you come to read my posts or who are you. Million thanks. I know I am not as consistent as I am in the previous years in blogging. I have converted from lifestyle blogger to thought-inspired blogger. I do not know if that make sense. I understand that things around me are changing, some people are leaving. I could not do anything but to convert all my feelings into words. I am not a speaker, but a writer. I hope that my words can give you a slight push to a better life.

Secondly, the ones who cherish me and the ones who push me down into the deep hole of hell. Thank you for embracing this weird creature in your life. You know who you are! So, prepare yourself , I will love you until your break pieces stick back together. To those to dispose me, too bad, your loss.😂

Thirdly, the people who had taught me things during this year. No matter which stage you are at. Thank you teaching things which enable me to apply it to situations in life. Thank you for being patient towards me. I have asked a lot of trivial questions and gave a lot of thoughts and opinions.

With hopes and loves,


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