Be kind.

Anytime, anywhere.

Happy December dear readers. I know I have not been updating since I am dealing with work and contents seem to be lesser and lesser. Sorry! But, I will still continue writing this blog, this is for sure. So if you are feeling done with life, just hop by and seek for some inspirations :-).

Being kind. Is when you do good, without expecting the return from others and not to publicize the goodness of yours on social media. This is one of the major lessons of mine in life. I'm not the second type of people, but I do agree I am a little bit of the first. I thought about this topic for a very long time. I just decided to deliver the message out.

Truthfully, everyone is kind regardless big or small. I saw people helping out old people to cross the street, people who give their seat to the elders, people who carry a whole bag of leftovers just to feed the stray animals across the street, people who open doors for others who did not say thanks, people who notice your hard work and many more examples. Therefore, I conclude that giving out kindness is not the problem. Giving kindness out by action is an act of spreading love to the world.

However, most of the time, the quote kicks in "Do good and you will get good". This starts to make me wonder-- Are people being kind because they want their lives to get better? Well this sounds like behind every kind person, there will be ulterior motives. This scares me. But then, what I see in general is, people are being kind without expecting anything at first, but later on when that one person starts to be rude or act in a certain way which is not expected by you, your rage comes in. Seems familiar? Well, you understand what I mean if you feel the same.

But do not fret, this is human nature (I do not know whether not to fret or not hahah). Most of the time we expect things to return, the effort you gave, you expect excellent results, the love you invested, you wish to have it forever. However, life do not give you what you want. That is why you should give more, expect less. Be kind, without expecting anything return, even if that person acts in a bad way. Be kind, but take care of yourself. 

With hopes & loves,


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