Best People In Life Are Free

New Romantics- Taylor Swift

An overdue date with these amazing humans. These people are the ones who brings out the best in me or may be the happy side of me.


I am a weirdo in every angle beside them. Look at my seriously weird photos.

He wasn't ready, but I am a definitely weirdo. Thank you for embracing the weird side of mine.

This is our last outing for this year. Hoping to see you guys next year. I regret not hanging around much with you guys in university. However, I never regret meeting you two. The best college mates. I am grateful I made that promise and execute it.

Like what Taylor sang, the best people in life are free yet they are hard to come by. Appreciate them, with all your heart even in the end you may not make it. But now I know, I love them. Nothing can change that.

With hopes and loves,


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