The Milestone ✨

January 03 2017

21 is one the milestones to be achieved in your lifetime, a year where you finally become legal to almost everything. It is also a time where your 3 years adulthood trial comes to an end. So, it is time for you to face the world of reality being a young adult.

Being 21 is like a restart button for you in life, yet the starting point differs. You will start your life as a young adult, exposing yourself more on the society aspect. It is a process that most of us will go through.

A young adult, sounds good right? I am sure it does. The freedom and the right time to do the things you always wanted to do. Personally, I think it is a better time for me to reset my life again. Not that I have major regrets in my previous age. I have embraced my teenage years being an exceptional person and I do not regret what I have gone through throughout those years in high school. It is because things like those made me who I am today.

The main reason is because I never have a broad thought about how my life is going to be or what should I do in life. My mindset has always retain myself at that age yet in reality I am getting older each year. I had always go with the flow. I have no clues on what I really want. For now, stepping in the age of glory, it is time for me to really think about how life is going to be for myself. I have started to consider and reconsider everything, present and past, now and the future. I have such urge to rewrite my life story. I can't consider myself as someone who have full plans and perfect sketch of the future. However, as I turn 21, I somehow follow the clues that life has given to me. I have started to pick up pieces that I never have done before.

Thank you for the cake,
frankly this is my first time getting surprise from my colleagues.

Happy 21st Birthday to myself,
All the pain renders the stronger you.

For now I shall give all my love to the ones whom love me unconditionally and to be simple.

With hopes & loves,


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