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Happy 21st Zhi Wen.

March 05 Sunday.
I haven't been updating my blog recently. However, I will still try my best to update the happy moments in my life. I am spending most of my time in my work and the people I love. So far 21 has been good to me.

The other day, I got to celebrate my close friend's 21st birthday. It is a small gathering with my high school mates. I wouldn't say it out loud but they are the best gift I have gotten in my worst times. They don't usually do the we-fie thing but since this is one of the land mark of someone's day, well... here's the picture. It means a lot to us. 😊

And... I get to finally see this hobo. Welcome back to the pack Yi Hong. lol. His smile is as awkward as ever. Well, at least I look good right? 😂

Happy 21st Yap Zhi Wen, Be grateful because I am in your life 😂
With hopes & loves, Victoria