Release your inner child

One day I was strolling along the pavement after work, I saw this sudden scenery where beautiful yellow petals scattered from a tree. In our country, we do not usually see this condition on trees but that really lighten my mood up. People around me walking as usual while I ran to this tree, enjoying petals falling down. That moment make me realize how my inner child dream to see and feel such beautiful thing from nature.

Enjoying this pleasant scenery while feeling the wind brushing across my face and hair makes me once a happy child again. I have not been feeling this quite lately as I am getting closer to my adult life, acting like one and bearing responsibilities in almost everything for every one around me. All I wish at that moment is to become a child again. Although that moment did not last long as wind stops and petals stop falling from that tree, but it brings out my inner child for a short period of time. I felt alive again.

I remembered I used to get annoyed when people act childish around me. People see me as a serious, resting b*tch face woman. This is because I never get touched by inner child for so long, I forgot that "she" exists. At some times, "she" is there when I got free ice cream from my company during parties, when I got ice cream in the middle of the night and when this magical ferris wheel amazed me when I was at "wonderland" or when the I saw beautiful lights dangling from trees in the city. Most of my inner child involves with ice cream lmao 😂. "She" is the one who had touched my heart, turning my frown face upside down, bringing the laughter and happiness in my life once again. However, I was not aware by that time. Now, I do.

Sometimes, when it is appropriate to do so, release your inner child out to enjoy life. We have been forced to become someone mature, to get assimilated into a complex adult society. How about the child character that you once had? You can be an adult and mature as you want, but that does not mean you have to conceal the childish side of yours to the point that it will not be seen forever.

At times, do let your inner child come out and play. You will not regret it 😉.

With hopes and loves,


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