Words are cheap

Actions make a person's character.

I have included this quote deeply in my "life quotes" journal, "words are cheap". I never somehow experience what's behind this magical sentence until I heard meaningless words coming out from a person's mouth.

I started to believe that anything someone have said may be something that they do not really mean it. I have experienced people telling me things that they do not really mean till the point I really believed them and at the end of the day, well, sh*t happens. Not to blame anyone who wants to say anything they want but when you tell a person you really want to see them but doesn't take initiative to arrange the schedule. Why bother saying it at the first place?

It's something which you can distinguish slightly from a promise. I mean like yeah I want to make a promise but I do not feel like being tied by it, so I am just "notifying" or "reminding" them I am going to do so just in case when I did nothing, I would not feel bothered by these unmade promises. I just can't... *shakeshead* 😑. At the end of the day you just left that particular person waiting... Waiting and... You have guessed it! Waiting.

Saying what you do not mean is like taking a really unnecessary step in order to not let this "promise" bind you. I have a tip for these people out there, just... Don't say it if you don't really mean it. I know sometimes it's unavoidable, people forget things they have said or done but if that person is really important, you would not miss out a chance with them. When I feel like planning a meal date with my friends, I mark that date down. I will take necessary steps in order to get things planned. Your act not only defines your trustworthy but also how you see that person.

In short, say it and act on it.

With hopes & loves,


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