Finally I write things, in my blog. 

Deep down a shameful yay appears and disappears before you even spot it. This post is written before all the other draft entries are published. However, I can't wait to share everything out. *searching for photos* . To be frank, I am currently searching for suitable photos to upload for every posts. It's like a cherry on top of a sundae, it's a must for me. 🍨😉

Nothing appears on my blog for months but when inspiration shrikes, I am either infront of my laptop or notebook on my mobile phone in midnight, 4am or 5am, writing the whole post down, adding a title and maybe a suitable photo from my phone's gallery. I really loveeeeee the app originally downloaded on my phone. Will definitely share it soon. The minimalistic features and simple functions really hits me. Ahahha. This is not an ad. I just encourage writing.

Few months ago, I thought I have lost my passion for this blog. Until I found out there are still special moments and my thoughts which I think that are worth sharing, so... I have redesigned my blog. It is a rather simple design without any fabulous banners of mine. I just choose a simple template and added one of my favourite photos as a banner. I even changed my favicon if you guys noticed. Cheers to coffee. ☕ #coffeeloversincelittle

I have even added a few simple labels, feel free to click them to read some of my entries from the past. I don't want this to become a post for me to update what I have changed or added in my blog. Therefore, feel free to wander around my space of joy 🙌. Hopefully you guys will love my blog as much as I do.

I wanted to share so much more of my thoughts, what inspires me and things that matter in this platform. Now I just feel motivated to keep writing. I hope the little things or thoughts have inspired you as well. Be sure to come back often or simply follow my blog to keep track of my posts.

With hopes and loves,


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