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Meet up for dishes- Pho Vietz

So I have dragged my friends along for FOOOOOD- Vietnamese food @ Pho Vietz.
It's my cheat day. Cheat day all day err day. Lol.

I feel the need to promote this restaurant because everything is 10/10 here . This post is not sponsored in any way. Their facebook page if you feel like checking them out.

Just in case you wanted to know, I went to the Sri Petaling branch. According to the waiter/cashier, they own a new branch at Pavilion too! So if you are from other countries and currently traveling in Kuala Lumpur, you can give it a chance!

Some photos to give you a slight glimpse of this very cool hangout place 😍.

I still crave for this Vietnamese coffee 😭.
*Fun fact- I drank the coffee even though I am fully aware that it will keep me awake that night. No regrets.*

Finally I get to eat with these guys! Everyone is busyyyyy... except me. Hahahahha self depreciating joke.

Lookie lookie, the waiter even helped us to take photos. Look at me, a happy girl because tasty food filled ma t…

Something written 📩

I will read it all over again.

I come across written cards/letters by my friends or classmates at that time when I am reorganizing my study room. I will sit there reading them as if I have just receive it for sure.

I cherish all gifts in written form ultimately because all feelings were conveyed through text while the person himself is thinking and writing about you at the same time. This is such a sweet act which makes me feel special.

Sometimes simple words bring out the most genuine feelings. I had written letters to my best friends and I handed out to them during special occasions albeit graduation, after examination or when he/she will be studying abroad soon. I wanted them to know from my heart that I really appreciate them as a person and as a precious human being that I am lucky enough to meet during different phases in my life.

And I know this may be different than the norm. A 50's type of style of remembering someone but hey! I'd still do it even if time rewinds. Any…

I am always thinking about writing

Even though I don't post much.

Sometimes people ask me:"Why are you still doing this blog thing?" I love to write, a lot. Occasionally, I will do blog hopping from myself to my friends' blogs. Unfortunately, most of them had shut down, set it private or just left without updating it for years.

I thought to myself, what does blogs and writing meant for other people. In the old days, I used to try searching for the latest "skin" and layouts from websites and decorated my blog with some lovely scripted font or banner to enhance the appearance of my blog. I will try different writing styles from some of the looked-up bloggers like Xia Xue, Jane Chuck, Daphne Charice etc.

I will become envious towards people who have a huge amount of followers and a beautiful website. At the end of the day, I realize that it's not about the beautiful website, it's about how you express yourself through writing. So, I stripped down the layouts and forget about the HTML co…

The art of waiting.

I think I have mastered it.

For the past few months I am constantly waiting around for people, emails replies, letters and etc. That kind of situation which you can't do anything but to wait. This inspires me to write this post while I am still waiting for a reply from 3 individuals. Funny to say, I am currently, still waiting. When I thought this is the last time I need to wait for a reply or somewhat document, and there is another thing for me to wait for. yay....not.
I am really frustrated of waiting until the point that I choose not to talk to people around me. I don't want to argue with anyone close to me because of a third parties' inefficiency. So, I put every frustration inside my heart. It sucks.
I am basically in between of impatient and super patient. Inclined towards really damn patient now. I don't rush people, but give them a certain period to give me replies. However, if you exceed the amount of time given, I will start to get a little annoyed due to you…