Leaving alone.

I wrote this before flight, therefore I would like to include this entry in my blog.
20th September 2017, Wednesday. 

Leaving is not the hardest part, but biding goodbye to the ones you love is. The countdown for the departure date does not make me worry, but the thought of leaving to an absolutely unfamiliar place is.

I thought I will weep when it's time for me to leave. However, everything went too quick, from checking in to boarding, that I don't have time to react. The only thought I have is to be strong, stronger than the old me.

I did everything alone from the start till the end. And I thank the people who have given me support along the way. I will choose to do this all over again if time reverse. It was an irreplaceable experience for myself.

I was afraid from the start because there are a lot of unknowns. I have never thought that I have the courage to settle everything and to fly alone in the end. And now here I am, dragging 2 luggages and carrying a backpack, hopping from an airport to another.

For those out there who are still thinking or scared of travelling alone to other places, whether it is just for studies or an adventure. I'll say, just go. You only live this life once, and now's your chance.

By go, I am not saying that you just pack your bags and choose the country to fly off but to equip yourself with the information you need. Prepare yourself for an adventure not risk for an adventure.

Tips for flying off to a country alone:
(1) Know where is your destination- Where your luggages will be transferred to, culture of that particular city/cities etc.
(2) Research, research, and research- Find the information you need albeit how does a transition flight works, what to pack for that certain country, does this country require visa when entry etc.
(3) Prepare your documents- Save it on 3 places, Google drive, phone, print it on hand.
(4) Believe people- Not asking you to follow a stranger but ask people  (staffs, coursemates) what you don't know.

Till then, gear up and ... travel. ✌🎒🕶️🛫

With hopes and loves,


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