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I am not good enough

but I am hoping to see a better me.

// Whitby 2017.
I am constantly criticizing myself. I treat it as a part of self-reflection, but often times when I go overboard, the criticisms itself will start to pressurize me. I think this is mainly because I wanted to become a better person in different aspects of life.

Sometimes I am aware about it, but still I'll just go with it. It's a bad habit, I know. That is why I am writing this today, not only to remind myself, but also to dedicate this piece to those out there who always feel that they are not good enough or not worthy. But first, keep this in mind: You are worth enough.

Why the feeling of 'not good enough' always pops up? Yes, you have guessed it --- Comparison. I compare myself to others sometimes, I am the average Victoria. And there are no limits in certain area. So basically, many people and things that I can compare myself with-- Physical, check, skills, check, smartness, check. The list goes on, and on, and onn…