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One day it's 4am.

and you wake up knowing that you only have yourself.

I found myself growing to do things alone and it is sad for me as I am drifting away from my social circles and the people I used to hang out with. However, it makes me realised that at some point, I only have myself. I am not being pessimistic. A truth of me waking up at 4am, feeling miserable but no one to reach to.

I did not let my thoughts consumed me as it did in the past, rather I make peace with myself by asking myself, what do I want at this point? I knew I needed a hug from someone, or a shoulder to cry on instead I am lying on bed, staring at the ceiling, let random thoughts go through. And even if I know that I am strong, but at that point I admit that I was not. Feeling miserable, as if I am in a different world. No point fighting it, I told myself. I can't deny the feeling of loneliness, I chose to accept it.

It is easy for someone to say that he or she is used to being alone. It takes courage for those 4ams, it is …

Hi Quotations!

Motivational sayings.

I am a quote person. Quotations has been a habit of mine to cheer me on when something bad happens or when I am undergoing a hard situation. These sayings are the fuel to generate motivations, to help me move forward. It is a weird habit I know, but hey, there's nothing wrong about that right? hahah. *awkward laughs*

I could not choose my favourite ones because each of them means something special to me and some marks the hardship that I have been through. However, I found a few which are meaningful to me at the end of 2017 which pushes me through one of the hard times which I have literally just went through.
"I won't stop until I win." I found this quote in a random person's profile, sorry if I didn't manage to quote it under you but thank you for writing this. This really gave me a "powerful" push to conquer one of my hardest battles and my limits which I thought I am unable to cross over.
"Stay focus and stay blessed.&qu…

Its time to go.

When you know its time to leave.

When is time to leave, don't hesitate, just go.

A lot of times when we know it is time to let go of someone, yet we stick till the end, hoping that things will be great again but ended up going the other way. I can't say that we will always make the right choices, and sometimes we might ended up letting the right people go. Another reason of holding on is to not let ourselves regret of letting go. It's like flipping a coin, with the thought of the side you wanted, but the uncertainty is there.

You know when you know it.

There was this point when I know it is time to let go, I did. I always follow what my heart says, because it hurts the deepest, it knows the pain and I couldn't measure it with rational thinking. The process was in pain, and I am not certain whether the pain is worth the price. Maybe it doesn't, who knows?

Letting them go hurts more.

Another reason why we don't let go, is because the actual act of letting go hurts m…


A year of practice.

Starting a new year is like writing on a white sheet paper, starting afresh. Every year is a learning year, but in this year, I wanted to dedicate to practice. I realize that I have learned a lot from my past events. These lessons shape my personality and attitude towards life. Though I did put some of them on practice and yet I yearn for more practice.

A few things that I come to realize that I wanted to practice this year. It may be a simple task for some people, and it might be a challenge to some. Always remember that people are constantly evolving.

1. "Stay focused and stay blessed." 2.  Listen to my body.  3. Little by little. 4. Little reminders matter. 5. Choose the right decision for myself and the people I love.
1. This was a quote created by me at the end of 2017. 2017 was a busy year for me, and it is a year which I lost focus on things as well. Also, I know I was not feeling blessed for the things I have and keep holding on the ones I have lo…

A new year from us.

Unforgettable night.

Puffs made by Ash.
An update for my personal life.
Spent my last moments in 2017 and the first day of 2018 with these wonderful people.

Bloated by the pizzas, ice-cream, puffs and all the junk food that I have craved for.

With hopes and loves, Victoria