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Tell them.

_The song title speaks for me_

Sometimes I tell particular people how I really feel about them or of our relationship. It may sound insane, or irrational, if I sugarcoat the words used, but I really do. Most of the time people will feel slightly awkward, surprised or comfortably weird (I don't really know how to describe this) because I caught them off guard. But hey, I appreciate you enough to do so. No worries, I am not going to take advantage of you after saying those words.

I assure you, or you all, those words came straight from my heart.

I try not to let myself regret for not expressing my love and appreciation to the people I love. Even though in some circumstances when unfortunate events happened and some people were left in my past, I did not regret loving you at that point. (Cringe level to the max)

Good or bad, happy or sad, thank you for being a part of my life.

To upgrade the level cringiness to a more advanced level, I have also written letters to people whom I deem…

My Chinese New Year 2018.

It's true when they say "friends are your second family when you travel to another place."

I don't always write about my personal life rather than my thoughts but you know it's important if I write an entry here hahahaha 🤣. It's a simple dinner yet took 2 hours to prepare thanks to our beloved soham ❤️. Much appreciated.

Thank you all for making this happen 😄. Lovely night, good company and of course my favourite, the food. Duhhhh! Lol 🤣. First Chinese New Year in the UK.

Happy Chinese New Year 🏮🎇
Love you all.
With hopes and loves, Victoria

Its not where you wanted to be

but where you are supposed to be.

I thought I love the crowd and tall buildings in London until I took a walk in the city of Hull.

I thought there's nothing much to venture in my own city. Little did I know I have stumbled on places which I am unaware before besides the malls. It is a little adventure for myself.

The trip to London made me realized I am not a busy city person that I thought I am, rather as someone who loves walking on an afternoon street to seek for hidden markets and museums or watch people and buildings while having my hot beverage and lunch.

With hopes and loves, Victoria


Sometimes you just need a little rush.

It's easy for someone to drown themselves in sadness than to pick themselves up by doing little things that empower themselves.

The former happens to me a lot. I would not lie about it.

And it is hard for such a pessimist like me to just get up and keep going. Some days I wake up, feeling as if the world is not by my side. Regardless of what I did, my emotions swirling and I followed it as well.

I love the days when I wake up, feeling this girl can take the world down with one hand. Unfortunately, it does not happen so often to me. How I wish.

Despite all thoughts, instead of bundling yourself up, why not try releasing your emotions by doing things that empowers you? Though I will still curl up on my bed, replaying the same playlist of sad songs after I write this. I can't deny. Still, whenever I feel like it, I will play some upbeat music and dance when I cook. Yes, I dance when I cook, which I am not good at. Don't judge.

I have tri…

London // Part One

A journey to the capital of England.
Jan 20-22th.

Awhile ago my friends and I have decided to travel to London.

It was my first time taking the train in the UK.

We missed the train due to the mistake made by the train services. Fortunately, we got a replacement ticket by the train supervisor. A nice man indeed.

The original ticket.
Off from Doncaster to Kingcross.
And we hopped on the train slightly later than we have planned but good thing is we are able to reach to London.

London is one of my dream cities to visit since little. I can't believe that I am able to cross it off my list in the first month of 2018.

Another wish is to travel to one city in the UK every month.

A stop at Peterbrough Station.
I guess my excitement died because I don't feel any of it during the whole journey. I just felt relieved as well as thinking about all the food that I could eat.

I have developed the interest of looking out the window while the train runs. For me to become absent minded as my sight …