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Wrocław, Poland // All About Food.

Nope, it's not Warsaw.

I apologize for the photo quality in advance. March 09-12.
I did not think of travelling to Wrocław, but the flight was at a decent price for a Europe weekend trip. So two of my friends and I spontaneously went for it. One thing for sure is... Do brush up your Polish a little before travelling (we didn't know what was written nor what they were saying there). It was an interesting journey for me 😊.

We took a night flight to Wrocław, Poland 🇵🇱
I am glad that I went from barely even know how to pronounce the name to at least knowing how to look at the menu. Ya girl here has picked up a few polish words. Kawa, Pierogi,Lody and Czekolada etc. Polish awesomeness! lol 😂.

I have gained 4 kgs after this trip which I don't really mind despite counting calories. Life's too short to keep counting calories! Live up and eat peeps. Now I shall present you our food venture.

Thank you to my dearest Jia Yee and Alvin for being fat with me. Alvin has lost weight…

6 Months.

since I have been away from home.


I have many places to venture still.
If you ask me do I miss home? I will answer "not really".
I have been away from home for half a year now. I am counting the months leaving home instead of counting down the days back to home. To be honest, sometimes I surprise myself with my own actions. It is weird to say this but I don't miss home as much as I should have. However, it is undeniable that I miss the people there- My family, dogs and my friends.

I think what I feel about the most is the comparison of my life in Malaysia and my life in the UK. Sometimes I feel weird telling people that I am not the same person as I was in Malaysia as if I am a person with multiple personalities. Lol. However, that is not the case obviously.

Writing this post, I feel that once again I am entering into my blogsphere. I notice that I have not been active for the past few years. Seriously, 20+ entries in a year? Quite an absurd number. But then I …

Wrocław, Poland // Sight Seeing.

Fun fact: Wrocław, Poland is the Capital of Culture in Europe 2017.

I apologize for the photo quality in advance.
March 09-12. So basically we have travelled to the Hull in Europe! I was excited when I knew about this 😂. Such coincidence.

What I love about the city:
Every inch is history.Comfortable to walk into.The overview is... breathtaking. Not to say I am some what expert in travelling. However, I do enjoy walking around and feeling the moment, taking in every view as possible. We lived in Rynek, which is the town hall. Literally the center of the whole city. It was super convenient for us, the convenient stores, bars, restaurants etc at each corner of the streets adjacent to our accommodation. As for museums, it takes only 10-20 minutes walk depending on which museum you would like to visit. The churches are much further as they are located at another part of the city.

Sorry I didn't take as many photos as I should have. I was feeling the moment. lol.

Penitent Bridge 5 zloty pe…

Happy Birthday Sha B!

A post dedicated to my favourite human being in Hull.

15.03.2018 Happy Birthday Alvin!

Not sure if you will read this.

Thank you for being the most generous and a kind human being in my life 💛.
I hope you enjoy the night with us and sorry for choosing the wrong restaurant lol.
You deserve the best things in life!

You are getting older. HAHAHAH.
With hopes and loves, Victoria

City of London, London // Final Part

Where our accommodation is.

Jan 20-22th.

The final part of our London trip. All entries are according to the locations in London rather than our schedule 'cause everything kinda mixed up.

One of the must dos for me is to venture around different markets in London. I have marked Borough market as my starting point. Unfortunately, the market is closed on Monday, but... we still get to hang around Old Spitalfields market along with the other markets nearby. Guess we hit the jackpot!

As you can see my lunch is relatively healthier than my friends'.

Me doing that instagram thing without an instagram account. Oh wells. *shrugs*

London tubes. Amazingly... noisy. sometimes.

One of my favourite sightseeing spots in London, the Sky Garden. It might look unappealing as taken, but I am feeling majestic by overlooking the whole city. Despite it is a tourisy spot, lots of tourist here, taking instagram photos, I loved the view.

A quick hop to St. Paul Cathedral which my friend wanted to go.

Westminster, London // Part Three

I always knew that I will be there.

Jan 20-22th. I have only captured the highlights: Tube station, London bridge, Big Ben (now in construction) and London's eye.

The weather was not our friend that day, but it was an experience to watch snow in London.

Here's me freezing to almost death.
It didn't take me long walking on the streets adjacent to Harrods. Not really a shopaholic, but the building itself is quite eye catching.

Hello Westminster, Maybe I'll see you soon.
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With hopes and loves, Victoria