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I fell in love.

each time I travel.
Travelling is one of the channels which allows you to know yourself a little bit more. This is what I felt when I was walking in the beautiful capital, Wroclaw. Despite the glorious side of it, you get to eat local cuisines, fascinate over beautiful streets and buildings, immerse yourself in the culture of that particular country, watching how locals live their lives on a daily basis, no one has ever shown the flip side of the story while travelling.
I would not say that I fell in love with the back story because of the sleepless nights, the feeling of anxiety when double checking your documents, and also the long and exhausting trips to and from the airport or city. However, it makes me think that these are the scarce beauty of a journey. The back stories are the ones often forgotten. Most of us care about reaching the destination, but sometimes it is worth looking at the journey before that.
Just a few months ago, I was one of the list tickers before I travel. I …