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So I went to Ireland.

I kinda wanted to meet someone, kinda booked the flight tickets and kinda went all the way to see him.
27 March-31 March 2018. This happened during Easter break. Before that I have promised my sifu ('master' in Mandarin) that I will visit him when I have the time. I am not all about talking without action. And by the time I do have the time to do so, I have discussed with him and next thing I know, we had everything sorted out before I went to Wroclaw. He is a good planner 🙌. Shout out to Jian! 
After an exhausting long trip to the airport and flight to my destination, I am finally there to meet him in person! The feeling of meeting my idol is so unreal, even until now!
Taking selfie with your idol is better than having an autograph 📸
Ignore my tired face. The whole journey took more than 8 hours.
Catch out another chain of entries about our adventures in Ireland! 🇮🇪
With hopes and loves, Victoria

The Finale.

It was a long journey.
Today marks the date of the last paper for 3 years of my degree studies. Words couldn't describe my feelings now. All mixed up. Mostly with happiness and nostalgia. Never have I thought that this day would arrive. It was a long journey compiled with episodes of sleepless nights, anxiety, madness in rushing my coursework etc. However I am glad that I have finally made it even there is still a long way to go in life. 
I was really excited even before the day comes. I have this Last Paper Syndrome which I don't feel like studying at all. I just want to dispose everything and run wild. But... responsibilities made me do the work. 
Me working on my Commercial Law essay in last minute.
Thinking back the days when I was in Help University, even before I have enter the university sphere, I was wearing my high school uniform, sitting there along with my peers, thinking to myself whether I will make it to and through university. And now I am proud to say I manage …

Manchester, United Kingdom.

An unplanned trip in a beautiful city.
I wanted to write about Manchester, and so I did. It has been a month since I have been there but I have not forget to write an entry about it.

I apologise for the photo quality in advance.
1 April 2018.Sunday.
I got off from the earliest train at Manchester Piccadilly from the airport and the whole journey lasted for only 14 minutes. Those 14 minutes gave me deep sleep. Broke my record for having deep sleep in such a short trip. I was sleep deprived.
I had only 9 hours to spend in Manchester. Okay maybe 6-7 hours because I was convincing myself to go out when I was really tired. Everything was unplanned. I just somehow walk around the city to have a glimpse of the city itself with my lethargic body, my lazy limbs dragging my luggage. I have to literally drag myself out from the station door. No joke. But before that I sat on the waiting station, contemplating about whether I should wait for 9 freaking hours or venture around the city to mark my vi…

Different angles.

In such a crazy world.

Crazy enough, I went to the local park to meet Alvin during this stressful period with full of assignments and exam due dates. But hey, this is life and you only live once. Maybe this is the last moment you guys could ever do this together. You will never know right?
I love the park. It gives me the peace I have always wanted.
We did this lying on the grass and looking at the sky thing. It's really different from what I have imagined. People might say that, "Well, it's grass and the sky, what do you expect?" I mean well, the angles are different. The way you look at the sky sitting on the bench is different when you lie down on the grass. I don't really look after dog poo, but Alvin has a thing for poo lol.
The world is different if you look at it from a different angle. It's crazy how most of us look at the same angle claiming that we are right when others look at it from a different one. Looking at the sky while lying down is differen…