Different angles.

In such a crazy world.

Crazy enough, I went to the local park to meet Alvin during this stressful period with full of assignments and exam due dates. But hey, this is life and you only live once. Maybe this is the last moment you guys could ever do this together. You will never know right?

I love the park. It gives me the peace I have always wanted.

We did this lying on the grass and looking at the sky thing. It's really different from what I have imagined. People might say that, "Well, it's grass and the sky, what do you expect?" I mean well, the angles are different. The way you look at the sky sitting on the bench is different when you lie down on the grass. I don't really look after dog poo, but Alvin has a thing for poo lol.

The world is different if you look at it from a different angle. It's crazy how most of us look at the same angle claiming that we are right when others look at it from a different one. Looking at the sky while lying down is different from looking at the sky while sitting on the bench. One is looking afar whilst the other is direct. Don't forget there is day and night, which represents our perspectives.

Angles and perspectives, most of us are shaped by these two factors aren't we?

But at that point I just want to enjoy the peace given to me.

With hopes and loves,


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