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Does it makes the heart grow fonder?
My friend and I had this conversation about keeping contact after this whole university thing. She is in her Masters at the moment while I am waiting to hold a Bachelors Degree title. Both of us, along with another friend who is travelling at the moment, had this conversation awhile ago when three of us gather together. I can definitely say that two of them are open-minded people and I appreciate how three of us get to go along with this keep-in-touch conversation.
After this university thing, all of us will go separate ways and might not see each other again as easy as we are during this period.
Throughout these years, I assume most of us do, will have to face the fact of people withdrawing out from our lives as we move on to another stage, dealing with a new batch of people. And nothing left to do but to accept some people have moved on from the past groups they had been into. I have found my people (I call them this simply because I believe that…

I'm coming home ๐Ÿ 

Hello Malaysia ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡พ, my beloved country.
24 June 2018 | Sunday. Can't believe I am going home in three weeks time. I am feeling so unreal now. After almost a year of studying and living in the UK, can't believe its almost time to say goodbye to this country. I am lying on my bed, unable to fall asleep like I used to. It is dawn and the sky is getting brighter. Thoughts come and go. A long list of stuff is yet to be done. I feel mentally exhausted and I can't ignore the fact that I have to take a 14 hour flight before I reach my destination.
Despite all, the thought of going back to my loved ones' embrace, to those whom I have not seen in person for almost a year and the journey of eating delicious food in my beloved country makes me excited. I am anticipating the arrival of all happy moments. I can't deny there are times, though few, that I actually miss my home country. My love ones, the people, the food, the culture and the language itself. UK is much different th…

Sigh of relief.

18 June 2018.

You know that moment when you release a relieve sigh without being aware of it? That sigh, being translated into glad to be back home. I didn't even did the sigh after my stressful exams. It was a long journey travelling from Bristol to London, and London back to Hull. A good whole 10 hours spent travelling by bus, not including the city bus. My buns of steel aided me during this long journey, as if I am trying to break the Guinness record for the longest hours of sitting in a day. 
Anyhow, I manage to get on a late night bus towards my neighbourhood and before I know it, I sigh in gladness. Oh how I miss Hull as if it is my home. Passing by the familiar shops and restaurants, street lights are indescribably beautiful that night. Its good to be back, I thought to myself. As I twist the keys on the keyhole and unlocked the door, dragging my luggage in. The first thing I did was to sigh again, followed by a statement: I am back home! Mama is back home.
I guess I miss H…

Out of control.

Let it be.
I am a control freak in some extent. Probably because of my organize personality. My brain doesn't function well with unorganized stuff. I make sure everything is in order and within control but when things don't, I either have this mentally collapse moment or simply just panic like a crazy lady, inside.
But things have changed these years. I don't know what had made me changed. I have learned not to lose control even if everything falls out of place. Before going in panic mode, I try to calm myself first because that is the primary thing to do before you could handle a situation. 
Not to exaggerate but I panicked real bad because I have lost my file which I am about to hand in to my teacher after recess when I was in high school. By means, I have literally no time left to redo everything. I was thinking all sorts of bad circumstances instead of the solution. Luckily in the end, I have managed to find it. Turns out a Samaritan had found it and left it on an unno…

Street watch and Bookstore hunt in Bristol.

Things that I most probably will do during a trip.

๐Ÿšฆ๐Ÿšถ + ๐Ÿ“š
17 June 2018, Sunday. I am writing this as I am sitting on the bar table close to the window in Mcdonalds watching as the rain showers as if the sky is its tap, forming puddles on the uneven roads in the city. People on the streets lifting hoods over their heads, hurriedly walk towards buildings with sheds while some just casually walking in the same building as I am with their shopping bags.
Street watching can be fun at times. I definitely would not get bored of watching the movement of humans and their pets on the streets, portraying their daily lives in motion. Call me boring but I do that quite often. Especially when I am in an unfamiliar environment. I guess this is a way of mine to settle down mentally and quiet down loud thoughts within me.
It was almost evening, but the closer to summer, the skies remain bright as if it is an afternoon. This makes my heart being settled on the very spot, refusing to go home. And nothi…

A introvert's tale

Where words are meant to be written than said.
Sometimes I wonder if people feel my words when reading them. Or if they relate themselves to it. A term? A sentence? or a paragraph? Regardless, I will still continue writing.
I will share some entries on my social media platform. Though not in consistency. Whenever I feel like I want to share that particular entry, I post it on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter. Not trying to gain exposure, but to see if anyone truly relates. 
Growing up introvert, it is hard for me to speak about my feelings unless I feel like it. I am even tongue tied when someone asks about my day. Yes, rather severe condition.
I wonder if some of you feel the same?
Hanging out with people, especially in parties, will drained my energy within 30 minutes. I'd rather sit 2 hours in the library or cafe, do some reading, people watching, or simply just write whatever. There are countless notes on my phone in regards with the thoughts I had had.
Sometimes, being an in…

Sunday Roast.

A British tradition.
I didn't know about Sunday Roast until my friend introduced me to it.  Read a few articles about it and was glad we tried it.
Turkey and gammon served with Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and peas, cauliflower with melted cheese, carrots, topped with gravy sauce.

A rainy day, a lively bar, some good food, two pints of beer with two good company! Had a lovely time with the girls. Hopefully we'll be able to gather like this again. ๐Ÿงก

With hopes and loves, Victoria